Rabbi Aharon Chein has been associated with the Georgian Jewish Community since 1992. He was born in Oni, Georgia and grew up in Israel where he studied consecutively at the following institutions: Rabbi Yosef Caro elementary school, Yeshivat Hanegev, Yeshiva Ketanah, and Gedola. He completed his Rabbinical studies in the Kollel of Sderot in 1982 obtaining a Rabinnical certification Shochet u Bodek , Sofer and Mohel.

In 1982 Rabbi Chein (Sofer) personally wrote a Sefer Torah (scroll) for the Sage Baba Sali, Rabbi Yisroel AbuChatzeira. This Torah is used to this day in the Bet Medrash of the Baba Sali's son Rav Boruch.

Rabbi Chein continues to work for more than 3 decades as an expert Mashgiach, Shochet and Bodek for many world known Orthodox and Hassidic communities in a variety of kosher food products around the globe.

Teaching both individuals and groups of students around the world, Rabbi Chein continues to advise companies world-wide on the process of being kosher.